Astronaut Selfie nasa astronaut selfie during spacewalk business insider Astronaut Selfie

Astronaut Selfie nasa astronaut selfie during spacewalk business insider Astronaut Selfie

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"Cassini's seven-plus years... have shown us how beautifully dynamic and unexpected the Saturn system is," commented project scientist Dr. Linda Spilker of NASA's JPL to Time Magazine's online edition on March 23, 2012.

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Titan is certainly an exotic, fascinating, frigid oddball, that bears an eerie resemblance to the primordial Earth before life emerged and evolved on our planet (prebiotic). In fact, Titan is the only moon in our entire Solar System with a substantial atmosphere. It is also the only known world--other than Earth--where stable bodies of surface liquid exist.

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A Lunar Eclipse is when our blue/green globe saunters between the trusty moon and glowing sun, our planet completely blocks the luminous rays of the sun but the moon remains visible.

Full Moon Day is celebrated on June 18th. If you are a lover and miss your beloved's company when the whole world in basking in the soft, sensuous glow of moonlight, this is the perfect time to reach out with your warm, romantic messages. You could do it with online cards. Just make sure that a wonderful night of opportunities doesn't slip by, unattended and untapped.

The HST findings, published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters, report on recent observations of Europa, dating from 2016, in which a probable plume of material was observed shooting out from the moon's cracked icy surface. This rising plume occurred at the same location that HST had previously observed signs of a plume in 2014. The HST images provide strong evidence that the plumes observed shooting out from the surface of Europa, could be real eruptions. The observed plumes could be seen flaring up intermittently in the same region on the moon's surface.