Astronaut Selfie the best selfie ever is the one an astronaut takes from Selfie Astronaut

Astronaut Selfie the best selfie ever is the one an astronaut takes from Selfie Astronaut

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Interesting facts about space.

The original goal of Cassini-Huygens was to study Saturn and its large, misty, tortured, moon Titan. Titan, the second-largest moon in our Solar System, after Ganymede of Jupiter, is a world long-shrouded in mystery, hiding behind a thick orange veil, and slashed with hydrocarbon lakes and seas. However, there are other enticing moons known to circle the ringed planet. Saturn's mid-sized icy moons (Mimas, Enceladus, Tethys, Dione, Rhea, Hyperion, Iapetus, and Phoebe) are enchanting worlds. Each one of these frozen little moons reveals an interesting and unique geology. So far, Saturn is known to sport 62 icy moons!

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However, the astronomers will require more HST observations in order to obtain accurate measurements in order to determine if the moon's orbit is circular or elliptical. Preliminary estimates suggest that if the moon is in a circular orbit, it finishes a circle around Makemake in 12 days or longer.

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Dr. Thomas and his team at Cornell University have tried to peer into the mysterious interior of the weird little Space egg that is Methone. They started out with the hypothesis that Saturn's relentless strong gravity pulls the little moon into an elongated shape, just like Earth's own large Moon raises ocean tides on our own planet. Then the team went on to calculate how dense the little moon would have to be for its own gravity to counteract those intense tidal forces and create its strange egg-shape.

As discussed the Moon is a 'feeling' planet. Therefore having Moon in a Water element (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) will intensify the 'feeling' nature. Therefore anyone or anything that allows the nurturing quality to be used or expressed will assist you in feeling secure and at home with yourself. On a negative note this type of Moon could be clinging, possessive and controlling in a nurturing way.

Moon Boots are a winter essential. What exactly are they? Moon Boots are a water resistant or water proof form of footwear that are made from lightweight materials with a specialised thermal lining that can keep the feet and calf warm in temperatures reaching -35oC. The heel and sole of the boot enhance comfort and stability while the sole adds extra warmth due to its own insulating property. These features make them ideal in snow and cold weather conditions. Their appearance reflects an oversize, fancy and snug gumboot.