NASA Chris Perry Photography chris cassidy exercises on the ared iss036 e 038720 31 au flickr Perry NASA Photography Chris

NASA Chris Perry Photography chris cassidy exercises on the ared iss036 e 038720 31 au flickr Perry NASA Photography Chris

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The Face Behind The Veil. Titan is a little larger than Mercury--the smallest major planet inhabiting our Solar System. Indeed, Titan would have been classified as a major planet in its own right if it orbited our Sun instead of Saturn. The Huygens Probe images lifted the veil from the face of this distant moon-world, revealing a youthful surface that is both smooth and relatively free of impact craters. Huygens also found that this icy, hydrocarbon-saturated moon's climate includes those heavy rains of gasoline, as well as raging, roaring winds. Some of Titan's surface features were found to be hauntingly akin to certain surface features on Earth.

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"Makemake is in the class of rare Pluto-like objects, so finding a companion is important. The discovery of the moon has given us an opportunity to study Makemake in far greater detail than we ever would have been able to without the companion," Dr. Parker continued to explain.

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A Lunar Eclipse is when our blue/green globe saunters between the trusty moon and glowing sun, our planet completely blocks the luminous rays of the sun but the moon remains visible.

In the 40 years since they emerged on the market, the choice of options available with respect to Moon Boot features has grown immensely. They now come in a range of outer coverings including suede, nylon jacquard, soft touch nylon, nylon, varnish PU, quilted PU and glitter fabric. Each variety changes the outward look slightly from a matte through to a glossy finish. Personal preference is the only way to make a decision with regard to this feature as they are all exceptional in quality and look.

What is a New Moon? The moon goes through different phases, in fact there are eight different phases all told with the new moon being the first phase (No, there is no 'old' moon phase). When the sun and the moon have an equal ecliptic longitude it appears that the moon just 'disappears'. This is because during the new moon phase the moon is on the same side of the Earth as the Sun, causing the dark side of the moon to face our planet. More accurately, during the new moon phase it's hidden behind the sun from sunrise to sunset giving us the impression that it has disappeared.