Shut Up Cartoons Planets Show

The initial teaser trailer featured clips from 11 different shows, with Padilla and Hecox later informing their viewers that there were 18 planned shows in total. The first three cartoons launched by the network included Do’s and Don’ts: A Children’s Guide to Social Survival, Zombies vs. Ninjas, and Pubertina, a show about an 11-year-old girl going through puberty. In May 2012, Smosh launched Krogzilla, a show created by and starring Cory Edwards and featuring John O’Hurley. Snowjacked soon followed, broadcasting on Tuesdays, meeting mixed reception.
At the end of the first three cartoons’ 10 episode run, they were replaced by Nature Break, Weasel Town, and Oishi High School Battle. Oishi High School Battle spawned a second season. Another show was added replacing Krogzilla called Samurai! Daycare. In September 2012, they also launched Politicats to replace Snowjacked. The show that replaced Nature Break is Planets, a reality show about the ten celestial bodies of the Solar System (the eight planets, Pluto, and the Sun).