Space Probe Taurus Rocket

After a fiery meteorite storm leads to an emergency landing in the ocean of an Earth-like “escaped moon,” repairs are the first priority but Tillman takes time to apologize to Wayne for his sexist remarks, which results in a quick reconciliation and a more-than-friendly kiss. While repairs continue, giant crabs take an interest in the ship. The crew decides to test the atmosphere to see if it contains breathable air, which it does. Then, Andros volunteers to go scout the nearest land mass. A “sea monster” almost intercepts him, but the scientist reaches shore, while his comrades continue repairs and worry about him. Upon his return to the ship, Andros is attacked by the sea monster and, after making it back to the ship, perishes after confirming the planet can support human life and plants could grow on the new planet. The crew confirms this to Earth, names the planet Andros One, and rockets back to Earth.