We Can Go to Mars

Two music videos were released for the song. Both videos contains clips of Rimes singing on the hood of a bright-pink car, in front of a pink star design, wearing a blue tanktop and striped skirt, and in front of a pink open-book design lit up like a heart, wearing a pink tanktop and a fluffy yellow skirt. One version of the video contains scenes taken from the film. The second version of the video portrays actors, one in an office, another in a truck, one as a waitress, a cheerleader and a business man. The actress in the office is being yelled at by her boss over her copies being on pink printer paper, the guy in the vintage truck is a farm-boy stuck in a corporate traffic jam, the waitress has a secret crush on the cook, the cheerleader wants to play football and the business man is getting a haircut. At the end of the video, the actress in the office walks away from her boss and throws the copies into the air, the young farmer in the truck starts walking instead of waiting for the traffic jam to move, the waitress kisses the cook, the cheerleader runs out and tackles the quarterback and scores a touchdown, and the business man ends up with a blue Mohawk. The version featuring clips taken from the film was included as a bonus feature on the DVD for the film. The one featuring the clips with the actors was included on the limited edition bonus DVD that came with the original release of Rimes’ Greatest Hits album. The music video was shot in Los Angeles and directed by Liz Friedlander.